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By Daisaku Ikeda

ISBN-10: 0834802082

ISBN-13: 9780834802087

Starting with the advent of the faith into China, this chronicle depicts the evolution of Buddhism. The occupation and achievements of the good Kumarajiva are investigated, exploring the famed philosophical treatises that shape the center of East Asian Buddhist literature. offering an invaluable and obtainable advent to the influential Tien-t’ai university of Buddhism in Japan in addition to the lessons of the 13th-century monk Nichiren, this exam areas distinctive emphasis at the religion of the Lotus Sutra and the main works of masters resembling Hui-su, Chih-i, and Chanjan. From the early translations of the Buddhist scriptures to the persecution of the T'ang dynasty, this exploration illuminates the function of Buddhism in chinese language society, and by means of extension, in humanity commonly.

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The creativity of the individual customarily makes its appearance in the person's twenties or thirties, while the forties witness the growth and development of these earlier creative impulses. In one's fifties, one brings the process of development to fulfillment. Certainly for Kumarajiva, the fifties, after his entry into Ch'ang­ an, represented the most fruitful period of his life, when his powers reached their highest level of development. But this bright period of fulfillment was preceded by many long years of hardship and frustration.

But the most crucial difference between the two translations of the Lotus Sutra is the degree to which the two translators under­ stood the doctrines u nderlying the text. One cannot help feeling that Kumarajiva's superior degree of understanding is closely related to his general attitude toward translation. For example, when there was some point about Buddhism that he did not fully comprehend, he did not hesitate to set aside his pride and ask for assistance from others who were more versed in the field in ques­ tion.

C. h �· m, · store lor it throws on the d estmy th at i ay m )lec:a use of the light the prophecy . Speakmg taken care to r�co � Ilia biographers have must watch over and You : sald arhat the mother, 's ajiva to K U 01ar the age of thirty-five reaches he time the by If . tect this novice religious of rules discipline, he will has not broken any of the • .. � . � :: beco me a great propagator of the Buddhist teachings, bringing colighten ment to countless persons, and will be the equal of Upagup ta.

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