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I exhort you to clean your mind-vessel, Don't spill the sweet-dew sauce. '" Yose was moved by this entreaty and joined Chinul. They cooperated for a number of years and became close friends. Yose accompanied Chinul on the 27 The Life and Thought of Chinul move to Kilsang sa before parting from him there; he eventually moved to Mandok san in the far southwest of the peninsula, where, after restoring an old monastery, he established Paengnyon sa and remained there for the rest of his life. By 1197, seven years after its formation, the community at Kojo sa had achieved widespread renown and gained a large following among people from all social strata.

During this period of successive military coups, the countryside was in a state of turmoil and a series of peasant and slave revolts had shattered any sense of local security-another deterrent to the assembly of monks from around the country at an isolated rural or wilderness site. It was to be eight years before the monks saw the establishment of the Samadhi and Prajfia Community. TO CH'ONGWON SA: FIRST AWAKENING Faced with the delay in the formation of the proposed Samadhi and Prajfta Community, Chinul decided to leave the capital, traveling down the Korean peninsula.

The master then washed 33 The Life and Thought of Chinul and rinsed his mouth and, donning his ceremonial dharma robe, said, "These eyes are not the eyes of my ancestors; this nose is not the nose of my ancestors. " He then ordered the monastery drum beaten to summon the monks of the community and, carrying his staff with six rings, he walked toward the dharma hall. There he lit incense, ascended the platform, and proceeded to pe~form all the usual formalities. He then struck his staff and, after mentioning the circumstances surrounding the questions and answers exchanged in his room the previous evening, said, "The miraculous efficaciousness of the Son dharma is inconceivable.

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