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By Heather O'Donoghue

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Skaldic Verse and the Poetics of Saga Narrative is a learn of the various relationships among verse and prose in a chain of previous Norse-Icelandic saga narratives. It exhibits how the interaction of skaldic verse, with its metrical intricacy and cryptic diction, and saga prose, with its routine spare readability, can be utilized to accomplish a wide selection of refined stylistic and mental results. In sagas, there's a primary contrast among verses that are ostensibly quoted to corroborate what's acknowledged within the narrative, and verses that are offered because the speech of characters within the saga. Corroborative verses are common of, yet no longer limited to, ancient writings, the verses appearing as a footnote to the narrative. discussion verses, with their phantasm that saga characters holiday into verse at the most important issues within the tale, belong to the area of fiction. This research, which specializes in ancient writings equivalent to ?grip and Heimskringla, and 3 of the main kinfolk sagas, Eyrbyggja saga, Gisla saga and Grettis saga, exhibits shut studying of the prosimetrum within the narrative can be utilized to chart the complicated and mild barriers among background and fiction within the sagas. while skaldic stanzas are offered because the discussion of saga characters, the attribute naturalism of those narratives is breached. yet a few saga authors, as this e-book exhibits, expand nonetheless extra the expressiveness of saga narrative, featuring skaldic stanzas because the soliloquies of saga characters. this system allows the direct articulation of emotion, and for that reason dramatic focalization of the narrative and the construction of mental climaxes. As an epilogue, Heather O'Donoghue considers the absence of such results in Hrafnkels saga--a hugely literary narrative with no verses.

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It is ironic, then, that in Ágrip the verse which is most clearly incorporated in this way is involved in what may well be a fictional relationship with its introductory prose. None of the other verses which are, broadly speaking, corroborative of Ágrip’s prose narrative, is as straightforwardly corroborative of factual detail as this strophe from Oddmjór, and, as we shall see, the formal independence of the verse from its prose context is nowhere else so explicitly stated. A good example is the verse which is quoted in the course of the brief account of the reign of Haraldr gráfeldr.

Perkins adds that in the longer histories, at least, the whole anecdote is peppered with maritime references and terminology: Pórir’s verse may be another such allusion. It seems likely 93 Fagrskinna, 305; Morkinskinna, 290; Ágrip, 44. Richard Perkins, ‘Steigar-Pórir’s Couplet and Steinn Herdísarson II: Notes and Queries’, Saga-Book of the Viking Society, 22 (1987), 109–15. 94 THE ROLE OF VERSES IN NORSE HISTORIES 45 that the story of Steigar-Pórir’s execution and last words was a popular anecdote, which perhaps became elaborated and added to with other ironic or defiant snippets of remembered or invented tradition.

R. ), iii (Oslo, 1868), 272; further references to this edition are given in the form Flateyjarbók) and the Hulda-Hrokkinskinna Magnúss saga (Sveinbjörn Egilsson et al. ), Fornmanna sögur, iv (Copenhagen, 1829) 51). In both texts they are followed by the same second helmingr, but in the former, the full strophe is followed by the strophe numbered 6 by Whaley, while in the latter the order is reversed. 65 In Heimskringla, in which the Magnússdrápa with the reference to Denmark is not quoted, the alternative strophe from Hrynhenda comes right at the beginning of Magnús’s reign, as he first travels through Norway to claim the throne.

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