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0 Ga age is unknown from the ANS or its flanks and is not encountered in the EAO north of Tanzania. 0 Ga zircons. Fig. 51. , 2006). Left: Relative probability histograms for all U–Pb SHRIMP ages of detrital zircons (Israel onleft, Jordan on right). The relative probabilities of weighted mean ages of all data are limited by the black curves, whereas the concordant ages histograms are filled grey. Arrows indicate correlative formations. 2 Ga. The superimposed bar graphs indicate the results of mixture modelling, namely each age subgroup with its 95% confidence limits and relative abundance.

2001. Petrological characteristics of podiform chromitites and associated peridotites of the Pan African ophiolite complexes of Egypt. Mineralium Deposita, 36: 72-84. K. , 2005. Petrological and mineralogical studies of PanAfrican serpentinites at Bir Al-Edeid, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt. J. , 43: 525-536. K. , 2007 in press. Neoproterozoic (835-720 Ma) serpentinites in the Eastern Desert, Egypt: Fragments of fore-arc mantle. Journal of Geology. G. , 1976. Jabal al Wask, northwest Saudi Arabia: an Eocambrian back-arc ophiolite.

Nuqara; (e) Safaga-Qena road; (f) S. , 2006). Fig. 57. , 2006). (1) Umm Arta Volcanic, (2) G. Samr El Qaa, (3) G. Kharaza, (4) the studied area , (5) Fatira, (6) G. Nuqura, and (7) S. Safaga. Note the Sr/Y generally increases from north to south. Finally, we must mention the younger granites; these are referred to by various names, especially “Younger Granites” and “Pink Granites”. (Schürmann, 1966) called them the “Gattarian granites”, but that name is not widely used. Controversy 22 encompasses several controversies about their origin and significance.

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