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6 kBq/kg) (Dougherty 1970). Maximum depression in granular leukocytes and monocytes was reached approximately 1 month post injection. Depression of lymphocytes occurred more slowly; minimal values were reached 1 year or more post injection. 4 Neurological Effects No reports were located regarding neurological effects in humans or animals following acute-, intermediateor chronic-duration exposure to americium by routes other than inhalation, oral, dermal, or external exposure. ***DRAFT FOR PUBLIC COMMENT*** AMERICIUM 28 3.

0 µg/kg 20–30 days (retention) Thomas et al. 69 ND ~60 days (retention) Craig et al. 1975 3. HEALTH EFFECTS ***DRAFT FOR PUBLIC COMMENT*** Exposure Exposure concentrationa Animal model Table 3-1. 74 35% 1,150 nCi 355 ng Lung retention or absorption half-timeb Reference 20–30 days 120 days 400 days (retention) Craig et al. 0 45 nCi/kg 14 ng/kg 11 days 200 days (retention) Stather et al. 4 ng/kg 95 days (89%) 2,800 days (11%) (retention) Stanley et al. 042 ng/kg 2,000 days >10,000 days (absorption) Stradling et al.

3 kBq) from a source used by the father for private experiments. Chromosomal aberrations in isolated leukocytes were noted to be similar to those observed in other cases of accidental or therapeutic exposure to external radiation sources (Kelly and Dagle 1974). The cytogenetic damage observed was low and only grossly comparable to historical control values available to the authors. The limited human data do not indicate a significant genotoxic response to inhaled americium. No reports were located regarding genotoxic effects in animals following intermediate- or chronic-duration inhalation exposure to americium.

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