Epigenetic Targets in Drug Discovery, Volume 42 - download pdf or read online


By Wolfgang Sippl, Manfred Jung, Raimund Mannhold, Hugo Kubinyi, Gerd Folkers

ISBN-10: 3527323554

ISBN-13: 9783527323555

ISBN-10: 3527627073

ISBN-13: 9783527627073

Fueled by way of the services of a crew of foreign professional authors, this primary reference at the booming subject covers every little thing a drug researcher must learn about focusing on epigenetic mechanisms of affliction.
the 1st a part of the publication surveys present methodologies for locating and validating drug applicants that act through epigenetic mechanisms. the second one half systematically surveys identified and suspected drug pursuits in the epigenetic equipment, together with the invention and improvement of vorinostat, the 1st advertised epigenetic drug.

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For example, RG108 (3), a phthaloyl tryptophan derivative was identified in a small molecule screen as a DNMT1 active site inhibitor [75]. RG108 inhibits methyltransferase activity in vitro and reduces global methylation levels in human cancer cells [76]. Hydralazine (4), a vasodilating drug, is reported to inhibit DNA methylation [77]. Surprisingly, in a recent Phase I study, hydralazine reactivated tumor suppressor genes in cervical cancer patients without altering global methylation levels [78].

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Et al. (2007) The SRA protein Np95 mediates epigenetic inheritance by recruiting Dnmt1 to methylated DNA. Nature, 450, 908–912. , Nishidate, T. and Nakamura, Y. (2004) ICBP90, an E2F-1 target, recruits j17 j 1 New Frontiers in Epigenetic Modifications 18 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 HDAC1 and binds to methyl-CpG through its SRA domain. Oncogene, 23, 7601–7610. , Zhang, X. and Cheng, X. (2002) The PWWP domain of mammalian DNA methyltransferase Dnmt3b defines a new family of DNA-binding folds. Nature Structural Biology, 9, 217–224.

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