The Record of Tung-Shan by Liang-Chieh, Liang-Chih Tung-Shan PDF


By Liang-Chieh, Liang-Chih Tung-Shan

ISBN-10: 0824810708

ISBN-13: 9780824810702

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If there were a path, then a mountain would stand between us, Hoshang," said Yün­chü. " "Not wet," replied Yün­chü. " said the Master. " asked Yün­chü. "Not dry," replied the Master. " "It didn't die," said Yün­chü. " 82 said the Master. " "Only in so doing does he become filial," replied Yün­chü. 85 "Nan­ch'üan asked the monk, 'When will Maitreya descend to be reborn on the earth? " "Because regularly, every day, heavenly spirits88 bring me food," replied Yün­chü. " When Yün­chü replied, the Master said, "Don't think of good.

Not a single person has acknowledged me," replied the Master. " asked the monk. "149 "Those words praise the Dharma­body," replied the monk. "That which is called the Dharma­body has already been praised," said the Master. " asked the monk. "Although it's just as I have said, it isn't the case that he does not have them," replied the Master.  Finally he presented a phrase that satisfied the Master. " said the Master.  For three years he pestered the first monk, but in the end it still had not been explained to him.

Asked the Master. "He did," replied Yün­chü. "It was not in vain that you called on such an able master," said the Master. " "Tao­ying," answered Yün­chü. "Say what it was before that," said the Master. Page 39 "Before that I was not called Tao­ying," said Yün­chü. "That's the same as this old monk's answer to Tao­wu," 78 said the Master. " asked the Master. "Tao­ying has erred," said Yün­chü. " "If it was Ssu, he will not become a Buddha," replied Yün­chü. The Master concurred. " "I've been walking the mountains," replied Yün­chü.

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The Record of Tung-Shan by Liang-Chieh, Liang-Chih Tung-Shan

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