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By John Warden

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Describing using symbols in philosophy and faith, this book connects the Taoist image of the self—the diamond body—to the tetrahedron, besides as to the 4 valences of the carbon molecule, the foundation of all lifestyles. Following those rules additional, the dialogue info the shut correspondence among the traditional knowledge of Lao Tsu and the symbolism of Jungian psychology—and additionally conjectures concerning the probability of a extra image-oriented view of technology.

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I believe what the old philosopher was saying was not that we should put away preferences, but rather that the Tao was not easy, since preferences have their due. 26 The Diamond and the Star As the I Ching propounds, life and nature are not static, and the seasons are not constant but forever changing. The cycle is never quite the same, year upon year. Man’s progress advances, retreats, and hopefully advances a little more as errors are made, acknowledged and, again with hope, corrected. Wisdom can only be gained by experience.

It has rather the sense of hsüan, of that which is deep, dark, and mysterious prior to any distinction between order and disorder – that is, before any classification and naming of the features of the world. The unnamed is heaven and earth’s origin; Naming is the mother of ten thousand things. Whenever there is no desire (or, intention), one beholds the mystery; Whenever there is desire, one beholds the manifestations; These two have the same point of departure, but differ (because of) the naming.

Estate, 7. , 11. , 132. , 204. ‘It Came Upon the Midnight Clear’, Christmas hymn. * T H E W O R D mystery combines, perhaps, the banal conception of paradox with that of the numinous, which requires a sense of wonder. The most striking example, to my mind, is the first, childhood, experience of self-consciousness, what Gabriel Marcel called ‘The Ontological Mystery’. This can affect a lifetime’s thought and attitude. For some it is closely bound to the mystery of God. For many also it is closely bound to the mysteries of morality and love.

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