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By Yu. A. Izyumov, V. N. Syromyatnikov (auth.)

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About part a century in the past Landau formulated the significant ideas of the phe­ nomenological second-order part transition thought that's according to the assumption of spontaneous symmetry breaking at section transition. via this ap­ proach it's been attainable to regard section transitions of other nature in altogether specified structures from a unified standpoint, to embody the aforemen­ tioned transitions through a unified physique of arithmetic and to teach that, in a definite feel, actual platforms within the area of second-order section transitions convey common habit. For a number of many years the Landau approach has been generally used to an­ alyze particular section transitions in platforms and has been delivering a foundation for reading experimental facts at the habit of actual features close to the section transition, together with the habit of those features in structures topic to numerous exterior results similar to strain, electrical and magnetic fields, deformation, and so forth. The symmetry facets of Landau's concept are possibly greatest in studying part transitions in crystals as the suitable physique of mathemat­ ics for this symmetry, specifically, the crystal area workforce illustration, has been labored out in nice aspect. due to the fact that specific section transitions in crystals frequently demand a refined symmetry research, the Landau approach has been continuously sophisticated and built over the last ten or fifteen years.

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All the wave-vectors that differ in symmetry and all the G" groups corresponding to them are tabulated in special reference books [45,46]. Of these, we shall make use of the manual by Kovalev [45]. The IR's of the wave-vector group G" are characterized by the wave-vector ", and the representation number II. Representation matrices d"v (g) for group G" elements should be taken from tables, for example [45], where they are written out only for group G" zero-block elements, that is, elements that contain no integral translations t.

Both compounds belong to the same structural type A-15, which has the space group O~. The lattice is a simple cubic one, with two formula units A3B per unit cell. At low temperatures that somewhat exceed the superconducting transition temperature both compounds undergo a phase transition to a tetragonal phase due to the displacement of species A atoms, as is shown in Fig. 5. Fig. 5. Unit cell of the Nb 3Sn crystal and the displacement of Nb atoms at a structural phase transition. The unit cell atoms in the cubic phase of the crystal occupy the positions: A) 1 (~ ~ 0), 2 (~ ~ 0), 3 (0 ~ ~), 4 (0 ~ ~), 5 (~ 0 ~), 6 (~ 0 ~); B) 7 (0 0 0), 8 (~ ~ ~).

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