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By Rohit Kapur

ISBN-10: 0306478269

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ISBN-13: 9781402072932

From the experiences: "[…] a welcome boost to the literature. […] This publication offers to make a precious contribution to the schooling of graduate scholars in electric and machine engineering, and a really helpful addition to the library of the maturer investigator in SoC designs or similar fields." Microelectronics Reliability

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The Macro references the WaveformTable in the Timing block (69) and uses the characters defined in it. In our example, W stands for WaveformTable. The name of the waveform table that is relevant to test_sequence is time. The test sequence requires three different characters (0, 1 P and X) to apply stimulus to the inputs and measure values at outputs. 0 is used to represent a logic-0, 1 is used to represent a logic-1, P is used to represent a pulse and X is used to represent a don’t-care. test_sequence performs the following steps.

289. 290. 291. 292. 293. | User USER_DEFINED>)+;) (PatternBurst (PAT_OR_BURST_NAME)+;) (CTL CORE_INST_NAME CTL_NAME;)* })* } } Consider the example design that incorporates two cores namely C1 and C2 with some glue logic. The InternalTest mode of this design may be partitioned across multiple modes according to these structural partitions. Some example partitioning can be as follows. A single InternalTest mode is constructed with all tests for the three components. Environment { CTL c1c2top { TestMode InternalTest; Focus Top CoreInstance C1 C2 { TestMode InternalTest; } } } Two test modes are constructed.

The skeleton syntax of the Environment block is shown below. // Top level CTL block of statements. 216. (Environment ( DOMAIN_NAME ) { (NameMaps (MAP_NAME) { })* 217. (InheritEnvironment DOMAIN_NAME;) 218. (FileReference “ FILE_PATH_NAME” { 219. Type ; 220. Format ; 221. Version “ VERSION_NUMBER”; 222. })* // incomplete keywords shown. 223. (CTL (CTL_NAME) { 224. (CoreInternal { }) 225. (DomainReferences (CORE_INST_NAME) { })* 226. (External { }) 227.

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