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By Subimal Misra


Audacious experimentalist and self-declared anti-writer, Subimal Misra is the grasp of up to date substitute Bengali literature and anti-establishment writing. This assortment brings jointly twenty-five tales that list the darkish background of violence and degeneration in Bengal of the seventies and eighties. The reflect that Misra holds as much as society breaks each canon of rectitude with unfailing precision. The tales additionally plot the continual evolution of Misra's writing as he searches for a sort to do justice to the truth that confronts us. Deeply encouraged through Godard, Misra makes use of montage and different cinematic innovations in his tales, which he himself calls 'anti-stories', tough our notions of interpreting and of literature itself. Brilliantly translated by means of V. Ramaswamy, Wild Animals Prohibited: Stories/Anti-stories startles with its blasphemy, its provocative rules and its sheer formlessness.

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