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By Niels M. Saxtorph

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6 Before Kerenskiy, halfway between Gatchina and Petrograd, lay Tsarskoye Selo, the site of the imperial summer palace, and two miles farther north were the Pulkovo Heights, a range of hills the tallest of which was about 200 feet. In the afternoon on 10 November, Antonov-Ovseenko and Dybenko arrived at the field staff command post in Pulkovo. Valden told them that the troops had given up Tsarskoye Selo without a fight and most of them would probably also drift away from Pulkovo after nightfall. On the railroad, which ran a mile or two east of Pulkovo, an evening commuter train took Reed and Williams straight through to Tsarskoye Selo where they dined in the station restaurant before exploring the town.

After Kerenskiy failed, the victory in Moscow was going to the Bolsheviks by default when Mikhail Frunze arrived on the scene with a detachment of soldiers and Red Guards from the industrial towns Shui, Kovrov, and Vladimir situated about a hundred miles to the northeast. Frunze was a 32-year-old professional revolutionary who had organized a fighting detachment in the 1905 revolution and subsequently been sentenced to death twice. He had been an agitator among the troops at the front in 1916, chief of police in Minsk after the February Revolution of 1917, and had become party chairman in Shui in September 1917.

Sverdlov then presented a Declaration of Rights of the Working and Exploited People as the basis for the constitution of ‘a federation of Soviet national republics’. It affirmed two principles: 25 the red army 1918–1941 that ‘power must be vested wholly and entirely … in the Soviets of Workers’, Soldiers’, and Peasants’ Deputies’ and that the soviets would be the sources of ‘authoritative’ decisions on nationality questions. The Bolsheviks walked out after the delegates refused to accept the declaration, and a decree issued the next day in the name of the soviets dissolved the assembly.

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