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By John Dolan

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Why achieve this many smooth English poems commence with a lonely wanderer experiencing a personal emotion? This ebook deals a awesome new thesis: that the trendy lyric poem developed as an variation to the call for for 'truth in poetry' by way of post-Reformation English readers.
The call for for fact ended in a choice for poems grounded in verifiable public events (deaths, battles, weddings). As English poets competed for the best to commemorate vital events, they constructed new methods of commemorating traditional events and, in a protracted approach culminating within the progressive poems of the 1740s, prolonged the idea of 'poetic occasion' to incorporate events similar to the demise of unknown strangers (as in Gray's Elegy) or even unverifiable psychological events similar to the epiphanies which so on a regular basis strike Wordsworth's solitary wanderers.

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Com - licensed to Universitetsbiblioteket i Tromso - PalgraveConnect - 2011-04-20 greatest importance when critics argue about Milton's relationship with King. After arguing that King truly was learned, Postlethwaite and Campbell argue that King and Milton were truly friends, basing their argument on a rather intricate reading of the 'Vacation Exercise,' and concluding: Poetic Occasion from Milton to Wordsworth literary and personal mourning, while Griffin attempts to redefine authorship in Milton's time as the way 'writers negotiated a balance among the claims of occasion, audience ...

Carew avoids any such display of virtuosity in order to fulfil his ostensible function: the epideictic poet decorously conveying the sorrow felt by a great family. Only the final couplet, in which the apostrophe to the reader acquires a sting, introduces anything particularly surprising; yet the sudden turn of the apostrophe is not particularly elaborate, and can still be placed in the context of the poet as preacher on mortality. Yet Carew is evidently not satisfied; it is as if the first epitaph comprised the fulfilment of his public, epideictic duty, and left unfulfilled the other, hidden motive of the elegiac/occasional poet: the opportunity to display literary skill.

Cleveland's sensibility, for all its surface cynicism, strikes me as the most delicate of all the contributors and the most selfconscious of the rhetorical purpose of ostensibly-grieving poetry. Cleveland's background may account for this self-consciousness: he had been appointed Reader in Rhetoric at Cambridge in 1634. Cleveland's two contributions depict the writing of funereal poetry as a competition. There is a sense of jostling against rivals in both poems. This awareness of rival poets is a common theme in Cleveland's other works; the opening to 'The Hecatomb to His Mistresse', for example, vividly displays Cleveland's awareness of his rivals in verse: Be dumb ye beggers of the rhiming trade, Geld your loose wits, & let your Muse be splaid.

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