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E. cognition → affect → conation) Exposure → Attention → Comprehension → Yielding → Retention → behavior Attention → Brand Comprehension → Attitude → Intention → Purchase Knowledge → Persuasion → Decision → Confirmation Exposure → Perception → Comprehension → Agreement → Retention → Retrieval → Decision making → Action Perceived information → Problem recognition → Search Evaluation of Alternatives → Beliefs → Attitudes → Intentions → Choice Exposing → Attending → Perceiving → Learning and Remembering → Motivating → Persuading → Desired Action Environment → Attentional and perceptual filter → Interpretation (involving experiences, beliefs, attitudes and goals held in short and long term memory) → Brand beliefs → Brand attitudes → Brand purchase intentions → Response Need arousal → Information search and evaluation → Purchase → Usage contribution of attitudes to behavioral (purchase) intentions and the assumption that behavioral intentions correlate highly with manifest behavioral choice looms especially large in the marketing based study and depiction of consumer behavior.

4 Adherents of the cognitive viewpoint differ in that some make the assumption that the inferred processes correspond in some way to actual inner states while others argue that the posited intervening variables are of an entirely hypothetical character. The operative point is, however, that real or hypothetical intra-organismic variables now play a crucial role in the explanation of overt action which is no longer understood to be the simple result of stimulus inputs and conditioned reflexes. Indeed once the intervening variables are taken to correspond to actual or hypothetical mental processes, it is natural to enquire further into the nature and properties of these processes.

E. those intrapersonal, mental events and processes which are consequent upon environmental inputs, through which the recipient individual’s experience is constructed and by which contingent responses are initiated. ” The investigation of cognition is not, of course, confined to the consequences of visual stimulation but “refers to all the processes by which the sensory input is transformed, reduced, elaborated, stored, recovered, and used. It is concerned with these processes even when they operate in the absence of relevant stimulation, as in images and hallucinations.

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