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2 mg/kg (Sheets 1993a). 5 mg/kg disulfoton, while two more rats died after receiving the same dose for 3 consecutive days (Schwab et al. 1981). 5 mg/kg/day for 6 days. 6 mg/kg) for 3, 5, and 10 days, mortality was 2 of 8, 2 of 8, and 9 of 20, respectively (Stevens et al. 1972b). The results suggest that even at half the acute LD50 dose, almost half of the mice given disulfoton for 10 days died. / "-6 & &  ,52  . ;0 "/1#    . 40 "7 & &#    . / -646 -6:; "     , $ & 2 8-/1># -6:; "     &   & & 
&  # -6:1  .

16 3 mg/m , and no effects on brain weight or histological evidence of lesions in the brain, optic nerve, sciatic nerve, or spinal cord were found at any exposure level. 7 mg/m (Shiotsuka 1988). 7 mg/m , but the decreases were never greater than 17% of control levels. The highest NOAEL values and all reliable LOAEL values for neurological effects in rats and mice for each duration category are recorded in Table 2-1 and plotted in Figure 2- 1. 5 Reproductive Effects No studies were located regarding reproductive effects in humans after inhalation exposure to disulfoton.

8 mg/m . 5 mg/m . 006 mg/m was calculated as described in footnote "b" in Table 2-1. 7 mg/m disulfoton for 1 hour/day for 5-10 days (DuBois and Kinoshita 1971). No clinical signs of disulfoton toxicity or other details were reported. Signs of cholinergic toxicity and depressions in cholinesterase activities were also observed in rats exposed to disulfoton for intermediate durations. 7 mg/m resulted in muscle tremors, convulsion, increased salivation, and dyspnea in males starting at the end of the first week and in females during the first week (Thyssen 1980).

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