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By Paul R. Kavieff

Lepke Buchalter, the single prepared crime boss to be accomplished within the US was once probably the most vital figures within the heritage of geared up crime.He managed NYCs reduce East part garment, banking and flour trucking industries.

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16 Kaplan vowed to exterminate every member of Little Augie’s gang. On August 1, 1923, Jacob Shapiro was shot and badly wounded by a gunman firing from a touring car that sped by Shapiro as he was standing in front of 75 Essex Street. In uncharacteristic underworld fashion, Shapiro identified the gunman as Kid Dropper to the police, the idea being that if Dropper were arraigned and brought to court, an assassin could be waiting in the crowd for him. Kaplan was arrested, and on August 28, 1923, he was brought to Essex Market Magistrates Court in Manhattan to be arraigned on assault charges made against him by Jacob Shapiro, a Little Augie lieutenant.

Diamond turned quickly and drew his gun. Little Augie was killed, and Diamond suffered several bullet wounds including two below the heart. Little Augie was struck once by a bullet in the temple. He was dead before his body hit the ground. Diamond was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he slowly recovered from his wounds. 2 When questioned by detectives, Diamond told them, “Don’t ask me nothing, and don’t bring anybody here for me to identify. ”3 Little Augie was buried at Mount Judah Cemetery in Queens in a massive cherry-red coffin lined with white satin.

Orgen refused to listen, opting instead for the fast buck. Times were rapidly changing, however, and a series of communist-inspired riots and strikes in the garment industry during the midtwenties spelled the beginning of the end for Jacob “Little Augie” Orgen and the rise of Lepke. The Communist Strikes By the era of Little Augie and the end of World War I, the deadly conflict between the garment unions and manufacturers seemed to be resolved. Continued prosperity made it easier for employers to recognize the unions as the workers’ bargaining agents and grant them comparatively generous concessions in return for the stability the union provided.

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