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By James G Lochtefeld

ISBN-10: 082393179X

ISBN-13: 9780823931798

-- From Abhang via Zodiac, those volumes include over 2,500 completely cross-referenced entries that basically outline phrases and ideas relating to the ideals, practices, and heritage of Hinduism.
-- whole with black-and-white pictures illustrating architectural, biographical, geographical, and mythological entries.
-- Charts and maps supply further information.
-- 16-category indexes direct the reader to comparable terms.

Hinduism is a tremendously vital global faith not just due to its mythology and philosophy but in addition as a result of its wealthy cultural traditions. even if via epic narratives of affection and struggle by way of Sanskrit poets, the drama and devotion of Hindu dancers, or the lessons of yoga masters, the unfold of Hinduism has enriched the lives of individuals during the world.

This inclusive, two-volume encyclopedia comprises entries at the background, practices, and ideology of Hinduism, in addition to the paintings and structure, drugs, sects and social teams, and geographical facilities of the faith. it's an important and hugely worthwhile source for each reference collection.

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Agnikula (“fire lineage”) A collective name for the four main clans of Rajputs (warrior princes): the Pariharas, Chauhans, Solankis, and Pawars. According to tradition, this collective name refers to the Rajputs’ descent from a single mythical king who had arisen from a sacrificial fire pit at Mount Abu in the state of Rajasthan. Although their historical origin is unclear, these four clans ruled over much of northwestern India, either as independent kings or feudal vassals, after their appearance at the end of the first millennium.

Is a simple square pavilion (mandapa) with a tower (shikhara) over the main image of the deity, one of the hallmarks of later Hindu temples. A temple to Durga built about a century later has the general plan of a chaitya, but a shikhara was also added. Although the temples at Aihole are related to the earlier forms, they also prefigure the mature development of medieval Hindu architecture. Aims of Life (purushartha) Four general goals that Hindu society has accepted as legitimate ends for all human beings: artha (wealth and power), kama (desire, especially sexual desire), dharma (righteousness or religious duty), and moksha (final liberation of the soul from the cycle of reincarnation).

One way that the Tamils retain their culture is by preserving their traditional calendar. Tamil is one of the few regional languages in India with an ancient, well-established literary tradition. See also Tamil months, Tamil Nadu, and Tamil language. Adigranth (“Primal Book”) One of the names for the Sikh scripture, most often used by people outside the tradition. Sikhs themselves are more likely to use the honorific title Shri Guru Granth Sahib, which reflects the scripture’s status as the spiritual leader (guru) of the Sikh community.

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