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By John Ross Carter, Mahinda Palihawadana

ISBN-10: 0199555133

ISBN-13: 9780199555130

The Dhammapada, the Pali model of 1 of the most well-liked texts of the Buddhist canon, ranks one of the classics of the world's nice non secular literature.
Like all spiritual texts in Pali, the Dhammapada belongs to the Therevâda tuition of the Buddhist culture, adherents of that are now discovered essentially in Kampuchea, Laos, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Dhammapada, or "sayings of the dhamma," is taken to be a suite of the utterances of the Buddha himself. Taken jointly, the verses shape a key physique of training inside Buddhism, a guiding voice alongside the struggle-laden direction in the direction of actual enlightenment, or Nirvana. despite the fact that, the attraction of those epithets of knowledge extends past its non secular history to a normal and common spirituality.
This version presents an creation and notes which learn the effect that the textual content has had in the Buddhist background in the course of the centuries.

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62. A childish person becomes anxious, Thinking, ‘Sons are mine! ’ Not even a self* is there [to call] one’s own. Whence sons? Whence wealth? 63. A childish one who knows his childishness Is, for that reason, even like a wise person. But a childish one who thinks himself wise Is truly called a childish one. 64. Even though, throughout his life, A childish one attends on a wise person, He does not [thereby] perceive dhamma, As a ladle, the flavour of the dish. 65. Even though, for a brief moment, An intelligent one attends on a wise person, He quickly perceives dhamma, As the tongue, the flavour of the dish.

The Dhammapada that is translated in this volume is the Pāli version of a type of text which was in use among Buddhists from very ancient times. Like all religious texts in Pāli, it belongs to the Theravāda school of the Buddhist tradition whose adherents are at present found primarily in Kampuchea, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. The origin of the text, however, goes back to the formative days of the Theravāda school in India in the two or three centuries that followed the death of the Buddha.

Oh, what laughter and why joy, When constantly aflame? In darkness enveloped, You do not seek the lamp. 147. Oh, see this beautified image;* A mass of sores erected. Full of illness, highly fancied, Permanence it has not—or constancy. 148. Quite wasted away is this form, A nest for disease, perishable. This putrid accumulation breaks up. For life has its end in death. 149. Like these gourds Discarded in autumn,* Are grey-hued bones. Having seen them, what delight? 150. Of bones the city* is made, Plastered with flesh and blood, Where decay and death are deposited, And pride and ingratitude.

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