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Response. , 1971; Duggan and McLennan, 1971). This does not result from a nonĀ­ specific enhancement of cerebral excitability: caffeine and bemegride, which excite cortical and subcortical structures respectively, do not produce selective facilitation of the test response. The suppression of the test response described above and produced by diazepam (as well as by sodium di-n-propyl acetate or by GABA introduced into the cerebral ventricles) is abolished by thiosemicarbazide and bicuculline (Fig.

Their anticonvulsant and sedative properties, for example, could also be in some way connected with an effect on the cerebral cortex, especially since there is evidence that benzodiazepine tranquillizers resemble barbiturates, which have been shown conclusively to exert a direct cortical effect. These considerations have engendered a detailed electrophysiological investigation of diazepam as a typical tranquillizer possessing all the types of activity described above, and which has, for this reason, found the widest application in various aspects of medical practice, but principally in psychoneurology and anaesthetics.

V. Changes in reflex time under the action of some anaesthetic substances. Fiziol. zhur. SSSR (1937), 23, 276. ZAKUSOV, V. V. Changes in reflex time under the influence of some substances with a stimulant effect on the central nervous system. Fiziol. zhur. SSSR (1939a), 24, 668. ZAKUSOV, V. V. Comparative effects of anesthetic substances on different parts of the central nervous system. Farmakol. i toksikol. (1939b), 2, 65. ZAKUSOV, V. V. The influence of some chemical substances with an anaesthetic and a stimulating type of action on the transmission of excitation from the pyramidal pathways.

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