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MADHYAMIKA The hallmark of Miidhyamika philosophy is 'Emptiness', sunyata. this isn't a view of truth. in reality it truly is emphatically denied that sunyata is a view of fact. If anyone falls into such an errors as to construe vacancy as truth (or as a view, even the appropriate view, of reality), he's merely greedy the snake on the improper finish (Mk, 24.1 I)! Nftgfujuna in Mk, 24.18, has noted a minimum of 4 methods in which an analogous fact is conveyed: no matter what relies origination, we name it vacancy. that's (also) established conceptualization; that's, to ensure, the center approach. the 2 phrases, pratitya samutpiida and upiidiiya prajnapti, which i've got translated the following- as 'dependent origination' and 'dependent conceptualization' have to be defined. The interdependence of every thing (and less than 'everything' we may perhaps comprise, following the Mftdhyamika, all goods, ontological thoughts, entities, theories, perspectives, theses or even relative truths), i.e., the fundamental loss of independence of the beginning (cf. utpiida) of every thing proves or exhibits that every little thing is basically with out its assumed essence or its self sustaining 'own nature' or its 'self-existence' (cf. svabhiiva). along with, our cognition of something lacks independence within the related method. Our perception (cf. prajnapti) of anything a primarily depends on anything b, and so forth for every thing advert infinitum.

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But the Twelve Gate Treatise chooses the first negation and concentrates its argument on the concept of origination or production (sheng). Instead of spending time examining the other seven negations, the entire treatise aims at showing that "all things have no production: therefore all things are ultimately empty and tranquil" 6 • The presentation of Buddhist thought in the Twelve Gate Treatise is simple and yet comprehensive enough to lead people to know the central message of Buddhism. So Nagiirjuna told THE NATURE AND VALUE OF THE TEXT 29 readers, "To explain emptiness and enter into its meaning one should use the Twelve Gate" 7 • It seems that if one studies the Twelve Gate Treatise first, it is easier to understand Madhyamika teachings in the other treatises.

This is the first level of spiritual growth. On this level, one may be attached to the concept of being. This attachment can be eliminated by knowing that the true state of things is more like non-being than being. However, men may still have an attached way of thinking. Now they make a distinction between being and non-being and hold that the terms being and non-being are descriptive names standing for two completely different states of affairs. The denial of being is believed to entail the affirmation of non-being.

0) form exclusively is that it is more plausible than the (p' - p) or (p v -p) forms. For Nagarjuna, however, it does not make any difference which logical form is used to describe reality. All theories about reality, no matter what their logical forms are, are erroneous, and none can be claimed more plausible than others. He aimed to show absurdity in each of them. It seems that Nagarjuna also viewed and treated the fourth lemma in several different ways. He sometimes spoke of it as the 36 CHAPTER 3 contrary or negation of the third.

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