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By Tsele Natsok Rangdrol

ISBN-10: 9627341185

ISBN-13: 9789627341185

This presentation of Tibetan Buddhist teachings at the never-ending cycle of expertise, the 4 bardos—life, loss of life, after-death, and rebirth—is aimed toward inspiring and aiding the practitioner in achieving liberation from deluded lifestyles and wake up to accomplish enlightenment for the good thing about others.

This publication is the basis for the observation Bardo Guidebook by way of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and is quintessential for the research of dwelling and loss of life.

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Holding nothing back, abandon totally as offerings or charity all types of material things and belongings: from the biggest shrine objects ofbody, speech, and mind, down to the smallest needle and thread. The most vital point is to free oneself from any mental residue of concern, even as much as a hair's-breadth, toward any object of attachment. So make up your mind decisively. One's thought at the time of death is extremely strong, so actually or mentally make confession and retake your vows against all kinds of even the most subtle faults or downfalls, noticed or unnoticed, in your precepts and samayas.

35 The Mirror of Mindfulness indication of how they occur for people in general. Otherwise, sequences of dissolution vary according to the differences of each person's individual channels, winds, and essences, as well as the unpredictable occurrences of the individual's sickness, evil influences, or the power of circumstances. For some people it happens that the stages dissolve together all at once, so it is impossible to make a definite generalization. In any case, it is essential to memorize and familiarize oneself with the sequences in which all the outer, inner, and secret signs manifest.

For instance, the three bardos known as the natural bardo of this life, the painful bardo of dying, and the bardo of dharmata/becoming have been taught, as have the four bardos of the four kayas of union, self-aware wisdom, timely nature, and unmistaken interdependence. There are, as well, many other systems, such as the six bardos of this life, dream, meditation, dying, dharmata, and becoming. In this context, I will explain the bardo teachings in 16 Prologue terms that I myselfhave been familiar with.

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