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By Karma Phuntsho

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This is often an advent to the Buddhist philosophy of Emptiness which explores a couple of subject matters in reference to the concept that of vacancy, a hugely technical yet very significant proposal in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. It examines the critique by way of the prime Nyingma tuition thinker Mipham (1846-1912) formulated in his diversified writings. The ebook makes a speciality of similar matters similar to what's negated by way of the doctrine of vacancy, the character of final truth, and the adaptation among 'extrinsic' and 'intrinsic' vacancy. Karma Phuntsho's ebook aptly undertakes a thematic and selective dialogue of those debates and Mipham's qualms in regards to the Gelukpa figuring out of vacancy in a mix of narrative and analytic kind.

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Connected to this work is Mipham’s short polemic entitled Dam chos dogs sel, written at the request of Dodrub Damchö, a Nyingma scholar who at first seems even to have challenged Mipham to a public debate. k¯ara, Mipham wrote Sher le’u ’grel pa nor bu ´ antideva, ketaka, his exposition on the ninth chapter of the Bodhicary¯avat¯ara of S¯ which, in the years to come, was to provoke several controversies and polemical discussions. 23 The Gelukpas retaliated by sending him several refutations of his work, which subsequently led to the writing of his two other polemical works, rGal lan nyin byed snang ba written in 1889 in reply to Drakar Trulku Paldan Tenzin Nyandrak (1866–1928) and Rigs lam rab gsal de nyid snang byed in 1903 in reply to Pari Lobzang Rabsal.

Tisatya, kun rdzob bden pa), which is the relative and conventional level of existence, and the ultimate truth (param¯arthasatya, don dam bden pa), which is the absolute and the ultimate. To the M¯adhyamikas, this dichotomy represents two modes of being: the conventional appearing mode (kun rdzob snang tshul) and the ultimate ontic mode (don dam gnas tshul). Emptiness, for them, is the ontic mode, the actual way the things are and therefore the ultimate truth. It is, like the Kantian noumena and Schopenhauer’s will, the quiddity of the apparent phenomenal world.

Major issues on which Mipham shed new light in these works are: the nature of Emptiness, its knowability and inexpressibility, the classification of the ultimate truth, the dual sets of the two-truth theory, distinction of Sv¯atantrika and Pr¯asa˙ngika sub-schools, the M¯adhyamika stance on reflexive awareness and storeconsciousness, the process of discarding the two obscurations, the degree of ´ avakas and Pratyekabuddhas, the viability of thesis realization of Selflessness by Sr¯ in Pr¯asa˙ngika system, the mode of reasoning and meditation on Emptiness, the validity of convention and the scrutiny of shared appearance (mthun snang) among the six realms of being.

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