Buffalo Soldier Tragedy of 1877 (Canseco-Keck History by Paul Howard Carlson PDF

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By Paul Howard Carlson

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Highway  closely parallels it. The trail was for a brief two years or so heavily used, including for a time by stagecoaches from the line that ran from Fort Griffin to Rath City with an extension to Fort Elliott. Here and there, travelers piled bison skulls along the trail, sometimes writing notes on the skulls. On occasion hunters cut messages on soft limestone rocks and pointed the “way stones” in the direction of Rath City. Rath, Lee, and Reynolds at first sent their bison hides north to Dodge City.

Although they made the river safely, both the officers and men were fatigued—and they had barely started on their long march. After resting briefly at the Pecos, Shafter and his hardy black regulars headed downriver to the famous Horsehead Crossing. They then turned back up the river and marched through the White Sand Hills and then north to Silver Lake, where they struck their outward trail and returned to Punta del Agua and eventually to their supply camp near the mouth of Blanco Canyon. 26 Nonetheless, once back at Fort Concho, Shafter was upbeat.

The Native Americans, especially the Kwahadas, raided                     out of economic necessity and because whites continued to press into territory the Indian people regarded as their own. In response, the federal government ordered all the southern Plains Indians—the “offending” groups—to report immediately to their reservation agencies. It gave them until August . Many groups reported. Many others, especially the Cheyennes, refused, and the government saw the holdouts as hostile.

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