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By Yves Congar

ISBN-10: 0585238006

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Father Congar exposes and clarifies the political, cultural, and ecclesiological heritage to the nice schism that divided japanese and Western Christianity within the eleventh century.

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4 But language is not merely the symbol of ideas which would exist of themselves: language before the thought is also shapes ideas. " 5 to translators that for a great words and phrases which conviction, there which are many most expressive of profound exact equivalent in another language. how do we any other language the German Gemut, the English worship, the French translate 30 into CULTURAL FACTORS the Russian sobornost carrefour, those working all many of Historians of ? dogma, and for union, are likewise well aware that between the Orthodox and our- the difficulties with questions of language and that this was so in the past as it often still is today.

In the period between the end of the Eleventh Century and the end of the Twelfth, a decisive turning-point was reached in the West. several transitions. ly essential an There was first, the transition from a predominantand exemplarist outlook to a naturalistic one, interest in existence. This was a transition from a uni- verse of exemplary causality, in 39 which the expressions of AFTER NINE HUNDRED YEARS thought or of act receive their truth from the transcendent model which material causality in things imitate, to a universe which the mind of efficient seeks for the truth in things in their empirical formulations.

Rousseau, the Council of Florence fully recognized the existence of the Oriental rite and at the same time laid down the principle of an air-tight partition According to between the Greek and the Latin In truth, rites. we believe of the usage of the word ritus leads to the followconclusion which, far from going counter to the findings ing mentioned above, only serves to sharpen them. Before modthat a study ern times, meant ritus a concrete ritual, a manner of cele- brating the liturgy, the concrete expression of one's faith.

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