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By U.S. Army

This handbook offers basic info for powerful and secure restoration of downed
aircraft and upkeep evacuation of disabled plane. plane restoration is an
operation that effects from an plane having skilled a reliability-induced or
combat-damage brought about pressured touchdown at the battlefield. It additionally can have been
disabled because the results of an twist of fate or component/system malfunction. The
operation comprises an review, fix, and fly-out, if attainable, or restoration by
aerial or flooring skill to a suitable upkeep facility for fix and
eventual go back to provider. upkeep evacuation is the actual act of moving
aircraft from one upkeep situation at the battlefield to a different. circulate is
either through aerial or floor ability. The circulate is to impact fix, cross-level
maintenance workloads, or relieve devices of disabled plane in the course of tactical strikes.

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If these locks are unavailable, specially designed gust locks provided with the aerial recovery kit can be used. Integral control locks in the aircraft and gust locks may be unavailable. If so, the stick or wheel control and rudder pedals must be tied down. If control linkage damage prevents locking any of the control surfaces, use either gust locks or remove the control surfaces from the aircraft before sling operations. FLAP POSITION 2-55. If possible, the flaps must be retracted; if this is not possible, they must be removed.

Know where your rendezvous point is in case of an emergency. § Know the rendezvous point of recovery aircraft in case of an emergency. HAND AND ARM SIGNALS 2-97. The correct hand and arm signals (Appendix B) must be practiced and performed with care. There can be no misunderstanding between the signalman and the pilot. 2-98. The best way to learn these signals is to do them. Practice each signal in front of a mirror or with a friend. Two or more people working together will speed up this part of the ground crew training.

The steps for performing a hookup are as follows: • Step 1. The signalman signals the pilot to maintain a hover once the hook is in position. • Step 2. The static-discharge man then places the static-discharge wand on the cargo hook. The hookup man places the apex fitting on the cargo hook keeping the sling legs straight. • Step 3. The hookup man uses hand signals to let the signalman know if there is anything wrong with the hook or the load. After attaching the apex fitting to the cargo hook, the hookup man climbs off the aircraft.

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