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Java for net with Servlets, JSP and EJB is the single e-book you must grasp Java internet programming. It covers all of the applied sciences had to software net functions in Java utilizing Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2, EJB 2.0 and client-side programming with javascript. those applied sciences are defined within the context of real-world tasks, comparable to an e-commerce program, a record administration application, dossier add and programmable dossier obtain, and an XML-based on-line e-book venture. as well as very good content material, this e-book contains licenses to 2 Java internet elements from You obtain an entire license of the Programmable dossier obtain part for advertisement and non-commercial deployment. you're additionally granted to a license to installation the authors well known dossier add bean for non-commercial use, which has been approved by means of the Fortune 500 corporation trade One and acquired through significant firms corresponding to Saudi enterprise laptop, Ltd. and Baxter Healthcare company.

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The service method's second argument is a ServletResponse object, which represents the response to the user. The ServletRequest Interface The ServletRequest interface defines an object used to encapsulate information about the user's request, including parameter name/value pairs, attributes, and an input stream. The ServletRequest interface provides important methods that enable you to access information about the user. For example, the getParameterNames method returns an Enumeration containing the parameter names for the current request.

4 also can be used without any modification if the form uses the POST method, which is what you normally use for a form. There are numerous cases, however, where you need to pass non-form values in the URL. This technique is reviewed in Chapter 5. Manipulating Multi-Value Parameters You may have a need to use parameters with the same name in your form. This case might arise, for example, when you are using check box controls that can accept multiple values or when you have a multiple-selection HTML select control.

IOException if an input or output exception occurs during the execution of this method. Part I: Building Java Web Applications 33 34 Part I: Building Java Web Applications As the name implies, the service method exists so that you can write code that makes the servlet function the way it is supposed to. The destroy( ) Method The servlet container calls the destroy method before removing a servlet instance from service. This normally happens when the servlet container is shut down or the servlet container needs some free memory.

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