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By this analysis a minimum of three forms – the original base, the form which reanalyses it to create a new rule, and a subsequent use of the new rule – are required to prove productivity, and larger numbers provide more convincing proof. Zweisam remains a matter of creativity. ( (Bauer 2001: 71)) Thus, the changing of a rule and the exploitation of this rule are indicators for a productive rule. As long as a formation is modelled on an already existing lexeme it is an analogical formation based on an already existing pattern without a rule change.

Another study that I will briefly discuss is Bauer’s study (2002) on PG *-d¯om because this element will also be investigated in detail in chapter 4. Moreover, this study shows that productivity can also be investigated from a comparative perspective. In his study on the suffix -ment Bauer (2001) he notes that the productivity of this morphological category changes over time, implying that, apart from the comparative perspective, he also takes the diachronic perspective into consideration. 000 words.

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