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Fully up to date for the Java 2 Platform, ordinary version model 5.0, the 3rd variation of this praised publication is a one-stop source for severe Java builders. This ebook indicates you the components of Java Swing API that you'll use day-by-day to create graphical person interfaces (GUI). additionally, you will find out about the Model-View-Controller structure that lies at the back of all Swing elements, and approximately customizing elements for particular environments.

Author John Zukowski also offers customized editors and renderers to be used with tables, timber, and checklist elements. You’ll come across an outline of Swing structure, and find out about center Swing parts, toggelable elements, occasion dealing with with the Swing part Set, Swing menus and toolbars, borders, pop-ups, choosers, and extra.

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The InputVerifier helps, too, for validation of user input. These are discussed in the “Swing Focus Management” section later in this chapter. Action Interface The Action interface is an extension to the ActionListener interface that’s very flexible for defining shared event handlers independent of the components that act as the triggering agents. The interface implements ActionListener and defines a lookup table data structure whose keys act as bound properties. Then, when an Action is associated with a component, these display properties are automatically carried over to it.

As an example, let’s look at how to create a generic component that generates an ActionEvent object whenever a key is pressed within the component. The component uses the public static String getKeyText (int keyCode) method of KeyEvent to convert the key code to its appropriate text string and passes this string back as the action command for the ActionEvent. Because the component is meant to serve as the source for ActionListener observers, it needs a pair of add/remove methods to handle the registration of listeners.

The Swing JToggleButton • JSlider: This component is like the Scrollbar component of AWT (or JScrollBar in the Swing component set). However, its purpose in Swing is for user input. It offers various clues to help the user choose a value. Figure 1-6 shows an example of a JSlider component. Figure 1-6. The Swing JSlider • JProgressBar: This component allows the user to visually see the progress of an activity. Some options available include showing static text or percentage done, as shown in Figure 1-7.

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