Sinbad, Tome 1 : Le Cratère d'Alexandrie - download pdf or read online


By Christophe Arleston, Pierre Alary

ISBN-10: 2302002113

ISBN-13: 9782302002111

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Pourquoi écrire un magazine ? Sans doute et avant tout pour garder hint de certains instants de vie. Pour revenir avec des mots sur ce qui fut vécu et dont il importe de prendre moral sense. Afin de l'interroger et de le revivre. Afin de mieux le savourer. Ainsi s'écrivent des notes sur des voyages, des lectures, des rencontres.

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In an established Government, every thing ought to render it difficult. Hence the division of a Legislature, which in an established Government may give a beneficial stability to the laws, must, in a moment of Revolution, be proportionably injurious, by fortifying abuse and unnerving reform. In a Revolution, the enemies of freedom are external, and all powers are therefore to be united. Under an establishment her enemies are internal, and power is therefore to be divided. But besides this general consideration, the state of France furnished others of more local and temporary cogency.

But the mode of illustrating the distinction is far more pernicious than a mere novelty of phrase. ” Thus illustrated, the distinction appears liable to a double objection. It is false that the abstract competence of a Legislature extends to the violation of faith and justice. It is false that its moral competence does not extend to the most fundamental policy, and thus to confound fundamental policy with faith and justice, for the sake of stigmatizing innovators, is to stab the vitals of morality.

Its most important view is neither literary nor argumentative. It appeals to judgments more decisive than those of criticism, and aims at wielding weapons more formidable than those of logic. It is the manifesto of a Counter Revolution, and its obvious object is to inflame every passion and interest, real or supposed, that has received any shock in the establishment of freedom. He probes the bleeding wounds of the princes, the nobility, the priesthood, and the great judicial aristocracy. He adjures one body by its dignity degraded, another by its inheritance plundered, and a third by its authority destroyed, to repair to the holy banner of his philanthropic crusade.

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Sinbad, Tome 1 : Le Cratère d'Alexandrie by Christophe Arleston, Pierre Alary

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