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By Michael Hammond

ISBN-10: 0631230416

ISBN-13: 9780631230410

ISBN-10: 0631230424

ISBN-13: 9780631230427

Programming for Linguists: Java (TM) know-how for Language Researchers is a realistic creation to programming utilizing the Java Programming Language for linguists and similar language professionals.

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4 This is actually quite easy to do in the Java programming language. First, we define two String arrays, one to contain the names, and the other to contain the verbs. We then use nested for loops to combine every possible combination in the following template: “NAME and NAME VERB NAME”. A program doing this is given below. println(names[i] + " and " + names[j] + " " + verbs[k] + " " + names[m]); } The Basics 29 } } } } } The nesting allows for all combinations in the four positions, printing out all 1,029 combinations.

This may seem like a lot of work to print out a line of text, but recall that the richness of the IO system allows for all sorts of power. At this point, the simplest thing is probably to treat the commands for prompt input as an idiom. in. Create a BufferedReader on top of the InputStreamReader. In a try/catch loop, use the command readLine(), and then close() to close the input stream. As you become an ever more sophisticated Java programmer, just why these steps are required will make more sense.

Let’s have the pattern and the filename both being entered on the command line. The logic of the program is fairly straightforward using the programming tools we have developed so far. First, we use argv[] to read in the search pattern and the filename. Then we use a FileReader and a BufferedReader to make the appropriate connection to the file we want to read from. "); } } } Anticipating our further development of DumbGrep, let’s put the actual search into a separate method. indexOf(theWord) > -1) { return true; } else { return false; } } } I have replaced the if-clause in DumbGrep1 with a new method in DumbGrep2.

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