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Occult Paranormal

By Donald Tyson

ISBN-10: 0738709808

ISBN-13: 9780738709802

Say so long to ceremonial gowns, incense, candles, and oils. Donald Tyson offers a brand new, effortless approach to practice ritual magic with just one software: tarot. From manipulating elemental forces of nature to creating effective charms, all ceremonial rituals should be played with a customary 78-card deck.

Tyson's effective method of tarot magic is predicated at the Golden sunrise culture, which corresponds with tarot imagery. He teaches how one can paintings magic at the astral point by way of projecting one's wisdom into the ritual tarot structure. the way to arrange an astral temple, construct an altar, forged a magic circle, and create a triangle by which to actualize your goal. This cutting edge consultant to tarot magic additionally comprises rituals concerning unions, company, banishing, and evoking elementals.

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Traditionally, the nobility. The suit of Cups is represented by a vessel that sometimes resembles a chalice. From this the suit takes on religious associations of charity and love. It is the suit of the caregivers. Traditionally, the priesthood. 48 Chapter 7 The suit of Swords has as its symbol a sword or dagger, and thus is strongly colored by the associations of warfare and strife. This is the suit of the military and police. Traditionally, the warriors. The suit of Pentacles is represented by a flat disk that resembles a coin, and indeed in early decks the suit symbol was often a coin.

The working of the more active foreground element of the individual card against the more passive background element of the suit gives each card its unique identity, so that the court cards represent sixteen distinct human types. It is usual to write the foreground element first and the background element second, mirroring the titles of the cards themselves. 56 Chapter 8 King of Wands--Fire of Fire (Lightning: violent and quick strike) Queen of Wands-Water of Fire (Rainbow: transient refracted image) Knight of Wands-Air of Fire (Sunlight: constant radiant energy) Page of Wands-Earth of Fire (Smoke: ascending heated particles) King of Cups-Fire of Water (Fountain: rapid welling forth) Queen of Cups-Water of Water (Pond: stagnant reflection) Knight of Cups-Air of Water (Ocean: active decomposition) Page of Cups-Earth of Water (Ice: frozen forms) King of Swords-Fire of Air (Wind: swift pressure brought to bear) Queen of Swords-Water of Air (Vibration: movement through fixed bulk) Knight of Swords-Air of Air (Cloud: floating shapes) Page of Swords-Earth of Air (Dust: solid residue) King of Pentacles-Fire of Earth (Mountain: violent pressure) Queen of Pentacles-Water of Earth (Field: quiet nurturing) Knight of Pentacles-Air of Earth (Plain: steady bearer of life) Page of Pentacles-Earth of Earth (Grove: secret place of growth) Each of these elemental pairs produces a unique combination that may be exemplified by a specific force or substance in the natural world.

She was known in the Golden Dawn by her Latin motto Soror Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum, or o n a more familiar level simply as Vestigia. Mathers wrote: "At my urgent request, Soror Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum was allowed to be associated with me in this labour, but only o n condition of pledging herself in the same manner, though in a less degree" (Howe, 128). The pledge mentioned by Mathers consisted mainly in doing whatever the Secret Chiefs demanded without question, and also remain- Tarot and the Golden Dawn 25 ing pure-that is, refraining from sexual intercourse or sexual orgasm-in order to increase the vital energy of the body.

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