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By Charlotte Faircloth

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Following networks of moms in London and Paris, the writer profiles the narratives of ladies who breastfeed their childrens to complete time period, as a rule a interval of numerous years, as a part of an 'attachment parenting' philosophy. those moms discuss their choice to proceed breastfeeding as 'the ordinary factor to do': 'evolutionarily appropriate', 'scientifically top' and 'what feels correct of their hearts'. via a theoretical specialize in wisdom claims and responsibility, the writer frames those bills inside of a much broader context of 'intensive parenting', arguing that parenting practices – little one feeding particularly – became a hugely moralized affair for moms, practices which they suppose are a severe element in their 'identity work'. The ebook investigates why, how and with what implications a few of these moms describe themselves as 'militant lactivists' and displays on wider parenting tradition within the united kingdom and France. Discussing gender, feminism and activism, this research contributes to kinship and relatives reviews by way of exploring how relatedness is enacted in conjunction to buildings of the self.

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Whilst these women do not therefore on a daily basis embody the ‘cultural contradiction’ that Hays describes, they nevertheless remain subject to the more pervasive social values intensive mothering engenders and sustains: that is, that mothering is in logical opposition to the marketplace, and that children are quite literally ‘priceless’ (Zelizer 1985). As Schneider observes about the US: The contrast between home and work brings out aspects which complete the picture of the distinctive features of kinship in American culture.

Sylvia [37, breastfeeding her 17- and 2-month-old daughters]: Very positive. Challenging at times but overall, incredibly rewarding, life-changing … enlightening. It has made me a better mother, lover, wife, sister, daughter. T his chapter explores the relationship between infant feeding, intensive mothering and maternal identity work. As a substance, breast milk ‘seeps’ – to use Carsten’s phrase1 – between the domains of the familial (in the sense that it creates relatedness) and the biomedical (in the sense that it is an object of scientific investigation).

Apple argues that whilst these methods were introduced with the aim of improving infant health and reducing mortality, they had the additional effect of alienating the mother from her baby. The widespread hospitalisation of birth during the late twentieth century meant that these practices of separation became normalised and widespread, and introduced a relationship between motherhood and expert knowledge that remains evident to this day (that is, whilst a mother is entirely responsible for her child, she should consult experts on how to go about enacting this duty).

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