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By M. Cardona

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33] pointed out that these terms do make a finite contribution for q ~ 0 . This results from the q-dependence of (~ lexp(i q. 36). 55) do not contribute to the first-order transition susceptibility for scattering by polaritons in crystals with the zinc blende structure. 34]. 7, 25] ( ~ , H ± II ,V , ~ L [fl, H) = i e 0 i + 1)~ ~ (c~lp~(0)lfi) ~ ( e ) L ) / ( E , -- Etj). 56) runs over the components of the longitudinal electric field of LO phonons, or over components of the transverse electric field in the case of polaritons.

117)]). (iii) The Incident and Scattered Waves are Damped Inside the Scattering Volume. Under these conditions, which occur in metals and small gap semiconductors that are opaque to the light, kL and k2 are complex. This case was discussed by MmLS eta]. 17] and more recently by ZEYHER et al. 18]. 25) about q = Re{k 1 - k 2 } . 19]. The last case merits some further consideration because of the growing interest in light scattering experiments on substances which are opaque to the incident light.

3. 2. Raman Scattering by Collective Excitations of Semiconductors and Insulators The non-magnetic collective excitations of semiconductors and insulators which participate in inelastic light scattering are lattice vibrations (optical and acoustical phonons) and plasma waves (plasmons) of the electron-gas of small gap or doped semiconductors. They also include coupled photon-TO phonon modes (polaritons) and coupled phonon-plasmon modes. In this section we shall discuss first-order inelastic light scattering processes involving this group of elementary excitations.

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