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By Herbert Schildt

ISBN-10: 0071596445

ISBN-13: 9780071596442

ISBN-10: 0072263156

ISBN-13: 9780072263152

Your final "How-To" advisor to Java Programming!

Legendary programming writer Herb Schildt stocks a few of his favourite programming suggestions during this high-powered Java "cookbook." prepared for fast reference, every one recipe indicates tips on how to accomplish a pragmatic programming activity. A recipe starts off with an inventory of key materials (the sessions, tools, and interfaces) through step by step directions that exhibit how you can gather them right into a entire answer. distinctive discussions clarify the how and why at the back of every one step, and an entire code instance places the recipe into motion. each one recipe ends with a listing of techniques and possible choices that recommend how you can adapt the strategy to healthy various events. no matter if you are a newbie or an skilled professional, you will discover recipes which are certain to fulfill your Java programming appetite!

Topics include:

  • String dealing with
  • average Expressions
  • dossier dealing with
  • Applets
  • Servlets
  • Swing
  • The Collections Framework
  • Multithreading
  • Formatting information

Learn how to:

  • locate substrings that fit a typical expression
  • Use commonplace expressions to tokenize a string
  • Compress and decompress info files
  • Create a zipper file
  • Format time and date
  • Use printf( ) to demonstrate formatted data
  • Reverse, rotate, and shuffle a list
  • Use a Comparator with a collection
  • Create an easy Swing application
  • Create a Swing-based applet
  • Create an easy servlet
  • Use a cookie with a servlet
  • Synchronize threads
  • Monitor a thread's state
  • Set and acquire a thread's priority
  • Use JScrollPane to automate scrolling
  • Access a source utilizing HttpURLConnection
  • Schedule a job for destiny execution
  • Use mirrored image to dynamically create an item and phone methods
  • Much, a lot more

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Example text

The OR Operator When creating a pattern, you can specify one or more alternatives by using the OR operator, which is |. For example, the expression may|might will match either the word “may” or the word “might”. Often the OR operator is used within a parenthesized group. To understand why, imagine that you want to find all uses of either “may” or “might” along with any words that surround them. Here is one way to compose an expression that does this: \w+\s+(may|might)\s+\w+\b 11 12 He rb Sc h i ldt ’s Java P rog ra m m i n g Cookbook Given the string I might go.

In some cases, it might be easier (or more convenient) to tokenize the input stream into all of its constituent parts and then determine what constitutes a key/value pair using other program logic. Such an approach would be especially useful if the input string contains more than just key/value pairs. See Tokenize a String Using the Regular Expression API for details on tokenizing. Matcher boolean find( ) String group( ) Although String’s support for regular expressions is certainly very useful, it does not provide access to all of the features supported by the regular expression API.

For the entire expression to succeed, a subsequent word in the sentence must match the word contained in \1 and be immediately followed by an s. This occurs only when \1 contains the word “dog” because “dogs” is found later in the same sentence. :\s*). Other types of groups that use positive or negative look-ahead or look-behind are possible, but these are beyond the scope of this book. Flag Sequences The Java regular expression engine supports a number of options that control how a pattern is matched.

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