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By Javier Paniza

ISBN-10: 1458113507

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Constructing net functions hasn't ever been more uncomplicated with the hot iteration Java open resource instruments. You'll be surprised at how briskly you could have a ready-for-production AJAX internet software up and working from scratch. during this e-book you'll research OpenXava, JPA, Eclipse, PostgreSQL, JUnit, HtmlUnit, Hibernate Validator framework, Liferay, and so forth. extra importantly, you're going to benefit suggestions to resolve either universal and complex situations that you'll face constructing enterprise functions. The publication starts off with an summary of OpenXava framework, JPA expertise and Java annotations. Then it walks readers in the course of the construction of an Invoicing program utilizing Eclipse, Tomcat and PostgreSQL. This software will evolve, including advanced area version with inheritance, company good judgment, construction of customized hibernate validator, calling leisure internet prone, automatic checking out with HtmlUnit, navigation and safety through Liferay portal, and so forth.

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If we’re using frameworks like Hibernate, JPA, Seam, Spring, and so on, we’ll find Groovy’s support for annotations quite helpful. Download from Wow! com> report erratum • discuss Chapter 2. Groovy for Java Eyes • 38 The Groovy compiler does not treat the Java compilation-related annotations the same way the Java compiler does. For example, groovyc ignores @Override. Static Import Static import in Java helps import static methods of a class into our namespace so we can refer to them without specifying the class name.

We don’t have to do anything different if we plan to provide one single implementation for all the methods of a multimethod interface. Suppose we want to display the location of the mouse pointer as the mouse is clicked and moved around in our application. In Java, we have to implement a total of seven methods of the MouseListener and MouseMotionListener interfaces. Since our implementation for all these methods is the same, Groovy makes our life easy. addMouseMotionListener(displayMouseLocation as MouseMotionListener) In this code, we created the variable displayMouseLocation that refers to a block of code.

We can return multiple results from functions and assign them to multiple variables in one shot. Simply return an array and use comma-separated variables wrapped in parentheses on the left side of the assignment. In the next example, we have a function that splits a full name into first and last names. The split() function, as we’d expect, returns an array. We can assign the result of the splitName() function to a pair of variables: firstName and lastName. Groovy assigns the two values to the two variables, respectively.

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