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Occult Paranormal

By Plangiere

ISBN-10: 1879000008

ISBN-13: 9781879000001

This constrained edtion of a hundred copies is a deluxe handbound collector's variation. The paper inventory is a specific caliber handsewen on Medieval raised cords. The backbone is 1/4 certain burgundy Cobra snake epidermis with Egyptian Papyrus covers. either front conceal and backbone are gold-stamped and ribbons are extra for these detail-oriented readers. A sturdy buckram slipcase is incorporated and may the sturdiness of the quantity.

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Let the Moon be well dignified and received by the lord of the eleventh and the planet signifying the thing promised. Let the lord of the seventh apply to the lord of the ascendant or to the ascendant itself; for the seventh denotes the party applied to, the ascendant the person requiring the promise or asking the favour, and the Moon the promise or thing sought. Therefore it is favourable if the Moon separates from the lord of the seventh and applies to the lord of the ascendant. The cusp of the eleventh should be in the dignities of the planet signifying the person approached; as, for example, Saturn, if an old person; Jupiter, if a judge or professional man; and so on.

Let the Moon be in conjunction, sextile, or trine with Mercury, and if possible in Gemini or Virgo. Fortify the ascendant and its ruler also. 54 CHAPTER XIII HOUSES AND PROPERTY For Building Houses When beginning to build fortify the ascendant ant its ruler, the Moon and its dispositor, and the planet to which the Moon applies. Also fortify the fourth and second houses and their lords, and the tenth house and its lord if the house is to be a high one. Take care that the significators are not below the horizon, for that hinders progress, though the Moon may be in the third or fifth if well aspected by a benefic or significator above the horizon.

Taking Medicine or Beginning Treatment Let the ascendant be the sign ruling the diseased part of the body, and see that it is free from affliction. Fortify the Moon and take care that it is not in conjunction or opposition with the lord of the sixth, eighth or twelfth at the decumbiture, or in the patient’s radical map, or in the election. It is best to have no aspect form the Moon to these planets, but if one cannot be avoided let it be a sextile or trine, if possible with reception. Let the Moon be in the eastern half of the map.

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