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By Jeff Kramer, Jeff Magee

ISBN-10: 0470093552

ISBN-13: 9780470093559

Concurrency presents a completely updated approach to the elemental strategies and methods in the back of concurrent programming. Concurrent programming is advanced and calls for a way more formal method than sequential programming. with a purpose to boost an intensive realizing of the topic Magee and Kramer current thoughts, ideas and difficulties via various types: casual descriptions, illustrative examples, summary types and urban Java examples. those combine to supply challenge styles and linked answer techniques which enable students to recognise difficulties and arrive at solutions.
New beneficial properties include:* New chapters masking software verification and logical properties.* extra scholar exercises.* assisting site comprises an up-to-date model of the LTSA software for modelling concurrency, version animation, and version checking.* web site additionally comprises the complete set of nation types, java examples, and demonstration courses and a entire set of overhead slides for direction presentation.

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Summary We've now covered how to upgrade the version of JBoss Weld that is present within a Java EE container, such as JBoss AS7 and Glassfish, as well as how to use JBoss Weld as part of our application on a Servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat. An important point to note here is how we bundled JBoss Weld into our application and added the servlet listener; they are not specific to Apache Tomcat. 5 specification or a more recent version of it. The only aspect of bundling JBoss Weld for Apache Tomcat that will vary between Servlet containers is how the BeanManager extension is attached to JNDI.

However, an application has the ability to promote it to a long-running conversation so that it remains active across multiple JSF requests. Controlling the conversation lifecycle is achieved through a built-in bean that CDI provides just for this purpose: @Inject Conversation conversation; A transient conversation can be made long-running by calling conversation. end(). end(); } } The previous example will create a long-running conversation that has a unique identifier assigned to it by Weld, which is used for identifying a conversation and propagating it between requests.

The client proxy is injected into the @ApplicationScoped bean instead of an instance of the @RequestScoped bean and is responsible for retrieving the bean instance from the current request scope whenever a method is called. Through the client proxy, Weld is able to have two different requests using the same @ApplicationScoped bean, while calling methods on their respective @RequestScoped bean instances without us needing to do any special wiring or configuration. A client proxy is also beneficial in situations where we have a bean in a scope that can be serialized to disk, such as @SessionScoped, and it has references to beans in a scope that can be retrieved at will, such as @ApplicationScoped.

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