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By Egbert J. Bakker, Hans Wees, Irene Jong

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Herodotus’ Histories might be learn in lots of methods. Their literary characteristics, by no means in dispute, should be extra totally favored within the mild of modern advancements within the research of pragmatics, narratology, and orality. Their highbrow prestige has been extensively reassessed: now not considered as naïve and ‘archaic’, the Histories are actually visible as a great deal a made of the highbrow weather in their personal day - not just topic to modern literary, spiritual, ethical and social affects, yet actively contributing to the good debates in their time. Their reliability as old and ethnographic money owed, an issue of controversy even in antiquity, is being debated with renewed vigor and extending sophistication. This significant other deals an up to date and in-depth evaluate of these kinds of present techniques to Herodotus’ notable paintings.

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20: xoicrtT eneaiv). (i7 On Herodotus' future-oriented stance, see also Connor (1987) 258, Latcincr (1989) 5n8 as well as Raaflaub, this volume (Ch. 7). , Fornara (1971a) 60. ** Moles (1999) section 4 discusses icriiua as 'monument. The future orientation of Thucydides' undertaking is also apparent in the aorist verb (0ouK\>8i5r|<;) ^uveypec\jfEV, which occurs in the Proem as well as in the recurrent formula lor the end of a year (Th. ): the verb '(Thucydides) has written' implies the time of a reader in the future, see Bakker (1997d) 30.

GM De Caelo 298h2; Hist. an. 491all-l2; Incessu an. 704b7 11; Part. an. 64oa8-12: o 9 o b l 4 l 7 . 31 The difference between the natural historians and Herodotus the historian is that for the latter aitie is not a matter of nature or the human body but of human behaviour (we recall the la gmomena ex antliropon of the Proem). And so the 'cause' of the researcher's object of study does take on the sense of 'guilt' or 'responsibility'. In fact, the agent noun from which historie morphologically derives, kistar (or istor), is used in that very semantic sphere.

Homer, when faced with die intimidaUng number (plcthus) of the Greek leaders in the Trojan War (//. 488), uses this moment to confess to his human shortcomings and invoke the Muses to assist him. 1, see pages 16-17 above), he offers us a sentence that reads as a conĀ­ scious stylistic evocation of the famous Homeric passage; but he gives us at the same rime one of his most characteristic descriptions of historic as a matter of differing logo?. The difference between human shortcomings and divine vision has yielded to a difference between human visions.

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