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Occult Paranormal

By Henry Cornelius Agrippa

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You can now study from the unique, most vital resource for magic within the Western international that has ever been released, in case you get Agrippa's 3 Books of Occult Philosophy. this large quantity used to be initially released in 1531, and occultists were drawing on it ever on account that. Now, Llewellyn is proud to supply the 1st whole reprint of the unique English translation within the final 500 years. Donald Tyson edited this paintings and got rid of the masses of blunders that seemed within the unique translation. He additionally totally annotated the paintings, to make it understandable—and usable—by buyers. ·Discover what the Renaissance pupil knew approximately astrology, drugs, heritage, herbs, geography, animals, angels, devils, Witches, charms, the elements, and a bunch of alternative matters ·Gain quick connection with an enormous quantity of arcane, yet thoroughly annotated, magical fabric ·Find corrected drawings of seals, sigils, and magic squares, and properly represented geomantic figures ·Explore the sensible Kabbalah, geomancy, the magic squares, the weather, the humors, and the Soul of the realm ·Consult the hot Biographical dictionary for history on all of the hundreds of thousands of writers and old figures observed through Agrippa ·Consult the hot Geographical Dictionary for information on referenced rivers, mountains, international locations, cities—many of which now hold various names. the 3 Books of Occult Philosophy is the main entire repository of pagan and Neoplatonic magic ever compiled. This booklet is filled with fabric you won't locate somewhere else, together with copious extracts on magic from vague or misplaced works through Pythagoras, Ptolemy, Plato, Aristotle, etc. Tyson's precise annotations make clear tricky references and supply origins of quotations, even increasing upon them in lots of circumstances, which will make Agrippa's paintings extra available to the trendy reader. the 3 Books of Occult Philosophy is the final word "how-to" for magical workings. It describes tips on how to paintings all demeanour of divinations and average and ceremonial magic in such transparent and necessary aspect that it's nonetheless the advisor for contemporary suggestions. The broad new supplementary fabric makes this knowledge sensible to be used this day. the 3 Books of Occult Philosophy is a vital reference software for all scholars of the occult. Get your replica this present day.

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Now there is a twofold vertue in commixtion, one, viz. which was first planted in its parts, and is Celestiall, the other is obtained by a certain, and artificiall mixtion of things mixt amongst themselves, and of the mixtions of them according to certain proportions, such as agree with the heaven under a certain Constellation; And this vertue descends by a certain likeness, and aptness that is in things amongst themselves towards their superiours, and just as much as the following do by degrees correspond with them that go before, where the patient is fitly applyed to its agent.

Again they set Venus over the kidnies [kidneys], the testicles, the privities, the womb, the seed, and concupiscible power; as also the flesh, fat, belly, breast, navill [navel], and all such parts as server to venerall [venereal] acts, also the Os sacrum, the back bone [backbone], and loins; as also the head, mouth, with which they give a kiss, as a token of love. Now the Moon, although she may challenge the whole body, and every member thereof according to the variety of the Signes: yet more particularly they ascribe to her the brain, lungs, marrow of the back bone [backbone], the stomack [stomach], the menstrues, and all other excrements, and the left eye, as also the power of increasing.

Chapter xxviii. What things are under the power of Venus, and are called Venereall. These things are under Venus, amongst Elements, Aire, and Water; amongst humours, Flegm [phlegm], with Blood, Spirit, and Seed; amongst tasts [tastes], those which are sweet, unctuous, and delectable; amongst Metals, Silver, and Brass, both yellow, and red; amongst Stones, the Berill [beryl], Chrysolite, Emrald [emerald], Saphir [sapphire], green Jasper, Corneola [carnelian], the stone Aetites, the Lazull [lazuli] stone, Corall, and all of a fair, various, white, and green Colour; amongst Plants and Trees the Vervin [vervain], Violet, Maidenhaire, Valerian, which by the Arabian is called Phu; also Thyme, the gum Ladanum, Amber-grise [ambergris], Musk, Sanders [sandalwood], Coriander, and all sweet perfumes, and delightfull, and sweet fruits, as sweet Pears, Figs, Pomegranats [pomegranates], which the Poets say was, in Cyprus, first sown by Venus.

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