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By Lawrence PremKumar, Praveen Mohan

ISBN-10: 143027199X

ISBN-13: 9781430271994

The open resource JavaFX platform deals a Java-based method of wealthy web program (RIA) improvement - an alternative choice to Adobe Flash/Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. At over a hundred million downloads, JavaFX is poised to be an important participant. This e-book is for Flash, Silverlight, and different RIA builders trying to use and combine JavaFX of their Java RIA purposes, even if it is for the computer or cellular environments. This booklet is additionally for these new to RIA improvement.

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Scene attribute defines the client area within the stage. Scene: Similar to a drawing surface for the graphical content of your application. A scene instance variable has a content attribute that holds the actual graphical elements to be displayed. Text: Displays textual information in the scene. Font: Defines the font used to display the text in the scene. The concepts of stage and scene can easily be related back to real-world scenarios in which a stage is normally a platform on which a scene would be presented, and a scene is normally created by various actors.

5 minutes. Listing 3-11. valueOf(3500); Listing 3-12 demonstrates Duration’s usage in a timeline. Listing 3-12. 0 within a timeframe of 3 seconds. INDEFINITE. ” The Duration class provides numerous convenient methods for converting data to and from Duration time. Listing 3-13 shows some examples. Listing 3-13. div(10); // d4 = 24m Listing 3-13 demonstrates the build-in functions of the Duration data type. In the third statement, variable d of Duration data type is converted to minutes using the toMinutes() function.

Start the NetBeans IDE. • Click the File menu and choose the New Project menu item, as shown in Figure 2-3. info CHAPTER 2 ■ INTRODUCTION TO JAVAFX Figure 2-3. The NetBeans main screen with the New Projects option • Select JavaFX from Categories. Click the Next button as shown in Figure 2-4. info CHAPTER 2 ■ INTRODUCTION TO JAVAFX Figure 2-4. The NetBeans: New Project screen • Enter the Name and Location of the JavaFX project as shown in Figure 2-5. info CHAPTER 2 ■ INTRODUCTION TO JAVAFX Figure 2-5.

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