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By Vipul Gupta

ISBN-10: 1430206160

ISBN-13: 9781430206163

The Google internet Toolkit (GWT) is a key member of Google's renowned array of software program improvement ideas, and is definitely the preferred Ajax framework resolution for Java builders. speeded up Google net Toolkit bargains a quick paced but thorough creation to GWT, delivering severe builders not just key insights into the framework's functions, but in addition into how readers can so much successfully include GWT into their day-by-day improvement routine.

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Indent(); // We create some local variables to use inside the loop JMethod method = null; JType type = null; String[][] keyNameMetadataArray = null; String keyName = null; // We loop through all the methods in the originalType and then add // an implementation for each of those methods in the generated class. getReturnType(); // Write the method declaration in the generated class. For example for // String year() in the interface, this line will add public String year(){ // in the generated class.

GetTypeOracle() Returns the TypeOracle (explained later in this section) for the GeneratorContext. getPropertyOracle() Returns the PropertyOracle (explained later in this section) for the GeneratorContext. â– Note The source code generation process for a named type, started with a call to the GeneratorContext. ) method is called. ext package is used to log messages in deferred binding generators. Table 2-9 lists the various methods available in the TreeLogger interface. Table 2-9. Type, String, Throwable) Used to log a message and the corresponding exception.

This means the XMLHttpRequest object can make calls only to the location from where the code containing the XMLHttpRequest object was loaded. However, the restrictions imposed by the single origin policy do not apply to all communications between the browser and the web servers like for the data referred to by the tags in an HTML page. For example, many high-traffic web sites have HTML pages being served from one web server and static content such as images, style sheets, and so on, being served from a separate static content server.

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