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Occult Paranormal

By Timothy Leary

ISBN-10: 0941404609

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So interested myself, as an aspiring mystic, I created an internet site round a process of initiation designed to set off eighth circuit activation. the brain turns into an goal, quantum, indiscriminately loving processing unit, able to having access to cosmic stories at will, & touring into the prior or destiny - within the experience of figuring out. now not within the experience of skill to Affect.

the sixth circuit, metaprogramming: basically acknowledging you could application your individual feelings, i believe, is intensely very important. Meditation + goal: indiscriminate love.

my profile includes the hyperlink to the web site, which certainly recommends interpreting this book.

although it's a bit extra advanced than RAWilson's presentation - a tad too highbrow. i believe Wilson transcended the institution simply because LSD caused an excessive amount of love for them to maintain him, i don't believe he thoroughly killed his ego.

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I hope you will consider them in the spirit with which they are shared. ” “Well, I know it feels like it’s your birthday all the time, and the gifts are so much better. ” 40 Negotiating With Angels “Yes, but only when they believe in love. ” “Yes, but it’s perfect. It’s like earth, but we finally get to live our lives without worry and have everything we want. When you finally get really done with all toys and things, you understand it’s nothing, and you move on. The angels say we move toward thought at that time.

Matthew passed away peacefully at six in the evening with his family at his bedside. I was sure his friends and angels took him home. Matthew’s mother and sisters sat there for a long time just looking at his peaceful face with the crooked smile still on it. I could feel his spirit still around, no longer in the worn-out body. I could see that Matthew’s mother was finally at peace with her son leaving. I knew that this world was a better place for Matthew having been here, even if only for a few years.

He thought they were delusional people that the enemy 50 A Change of Heart had fooled into false beliefs. He discounted near-death experiences as hallucinations provided by Satan and did not believe it was possible to have an out-of body experience. Throughout his ministry, he claimed to have cast demons out of psychics, mediums, and astrologers by convincing them that they were working for the dark side. He was powerfully persuasive and put the fear of God into several generations of worshippers throughout his 50-year ministry.

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