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Esau welcomed the addition of nuclear physics to his ambit of authority. He drew up a short list of scientists to attend the first conference, headed of course by Professor Otto Hahn. Hahn was happy to be able to excuse himself: he had a previous lecture engagement in Sweden. Professor Josef Mattauch, newly arrived in Dahlem from Vienna Prof. Abraham Esau to take the place of Lise Meitner, deputized for him. * Dr. Dames, head of the Ministry’s research department, voiced his disquiet at the way in which Hahn had been able to publish his vital discovery to the world.

This time they showed by the very wording of their main heading  “Proof of the Formation of Active Barium Isotopes by the Neutron Bom* The fifth Washington conference on theoretical physics, sponsored jointly by the George Washington University and the Carnegie Institute of Washington.     bardment of Uranium and Thorium”  that they no longer doubted the validity of their original discovery; but it was with their secondary caption  “Further Active Fragments from Uranium Fission”  that they dropped their second bombshell into the world of physics.

Once the article by Hahn and Strassmann had appeared in Berlin, on January , , there must have been a score of scientists disconcerted by the sudden realization of how close they had themselves been to making the discovery. -hour substance” that its properties were “those of lanthanum”; for the substance most probably was lanthanum. Again, in an experiment designed by Dr. von Droste in Berlin to detect the alpha particles which the then current theory suggested would be ejected by uranium and thorium under neutron bombardment, only the thin metal foils with which he had covered his uranium and thorium samples (to eliminate the naturally ejected alpha particles of low energy) prevented him from finding the very large bursts of ionization caused by fission fragments.

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