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I used up almost the entire runway getting back to 75 knots. At 75 knots I rotated again, choosing a much lower pitch attitude this time. We climbed out at 75 KIAS and the rest of the lesson was relatively uneventful. This situation is depicted in the following figures and table. 7 shows the normal takeoff procedure at a low-altitude airport. 8 shows that using the normal pitch attitude does not produce the normal angle of attack at a high-altitude airport, because the angle of climb is an indispensable part of the equation.

0. 41. If you are going to use the airspeed indicator as a source of angle of attack information, you have to take this into account. If you fly at a speed near the bottom of the green arc in a steep turn, the airplane will stall. 41 = 85). html 6/6/2003 Angle of Attack Awareness and Angle of Attack Management [Ch. 2 of See How It Flies] Page 16 of 22 Also remember that the airplane is trimmed for a definite angle of attack, and it really wants to maintain that angle of attack. If you are cruising along, trimmed for 120 knots in straight and level flight, and the airplane gets into a 60 degree bank, it will accelerate to 169 knots (120 times the square root of 2) in order to meet the increased lift requirement at the same angle of attack.

This is indicated by the top of the yellow arc, and by a red radial line on the airspeed indicator. As the name suggests, you should never exceed this speed under any circumstances. ); instability of the structure and control systems due to flutter; and other nasty complications. 2 Maneuvering Speed If you are flying in moderate or severe turbulence, you should keep your airspeed below the maneuvering airspeed, VA. By the same token, you should avoid large, sudden deflections of the controls unless your airspeed is below VA.

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