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The city inaugurated the service mid-2008 with five stops on the both sides of the Seine in the east of Paris. The experiment, which ended in June 2011, will be replaced by three different river shuttle boat lines (one in the city center, one serving the east of the city and the eastern suburbs, and one serving the west of the city and western suburbs) in 2013 (Voguéo 2011). Regional transportation: National versus regional plans. Public transit in the Paris region is currently an area of intense political tension between the city, the region, and the national government.

6 GWh/year), and 8,000 m2 41 42 GREEN CITIES OF EUROPE photovoltaic panels at 33 sites (807 MWh/year). Another 39,000 m2 are planned by 2014 and the Climate Plan aims for 200,000 m2 (Ville de Paris 2010c). Two small wind turbines (30 MW combined) were installed to explore potential expansion, and the possibility of high-wind turbines along the Périphérique expressway is under study. 15 Paris cannot directly mandate the use of renewable energy in private developments. Except for Planned Unit Developments projects (Zone d’aménagement concerté, ZAC), municipalities cannot impose measures that go beyond national standards and regulations.

Of the €35 billion Grand Paris project, €21 billion would be allocated to this new Métro system, expected to serve six thousand passengers per peak hour—far fewer than the region’s plan. 5 kilometers of all forty new stops. The region and mayors strongly oppose this plan, seen as national imposition in local matters. In addition, the national government created the Société du Grand Paris in 2010, a nonelected and nationally controlled body charged with implementing the project, and granted the right to expropriate land and preempt development.

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