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Environmental Studies

By Anja Mueller, Benoit Guieysse, Abhijit Sarkar

ISBN-10: 0841225206

ISBN-13: 9780841225206

ISBN-10: 084127214X

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content material: CONTENTS; PREFACE; GLENN LIPSCOMB; 1. creation: fresh Progresses in fabrics technological know-how for Water; RECLAMATION; ANJA MUELLER, BENOIT GUIEYSSE, ABHIJIT SARKAR; half I: complicated fabrics; 2. elimination of Endocrine Disrupting Compounds utilizing Molecularly Imprinted Polymers: A assessment; BENOIT GUIEYSSE, MATHIEU LE NOIR, BO MATTIASSON; three. elimination of Endocrine Disrupting Contaminants from Water utilizing Macroporous Molecularly Imprinted Selective Media; MATHIEU LE NOIR, FATIMA PLIEVA, BO MATTIASSON; four. Imprinted Polymers for the removing of Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic steel Complexes; SYED ALI ASHRAF, CKARLOS MERCADO, ANJA MUELLER; five. Gamma Radiation-Polymerized steel Methacrylates for Adsorption of steel Ions from Wastewater; BRYAN BILYEU, CARLOS BARRERA-DIAZ, FERNANDO URENA-NUNEZ; 6. Copper Ion trade experiences of neighborhood Zeolitic Tuffs; OZGE CAN, DEVRIM BALKOSE, SEMRA ULKU; 7. Molecular layout of Thermally Responsive steel Affinity Hydrogels for Contaminant Detection and removing from Wastewater; ARUNAN NADARAJAH, AND GANESH IYER; eight. effect of Calcium on Struvite Precipitation from Anaerobically Digested Dairy Wastewater; TIANXI ZHANG, KEITH E. BOWERS, JOSEPH H. HARRISON, SHULIN CHEN; half II complex MEMBRANES; nine. layout of Microsieves and Microsieve methods for Suspension Fractionation; A.M.C. VAN DINTHER, C.G.P.H. SCHROEN, R.M. increase; 10. Biorepellent natural Coatings for more suitable Microsieve Filtration; MICHEL ROSSO, KARIN SCHROEN, HAN ZUILHOF; eleven. Dendritic Polymer Networks: a brand new type of Nano-Domained Environmentally Benign Antifouling Coatings; ABHIJIT SARKAR, JOSEPH ROUSSEAU, CLAIRE HARTMANN-THOMPSON, CHRIS MAPLES, JOE PARKER, PAUL JOYCE, JOHN I. SCHEIDE, PETAR R. DVORNIC; 12. floor amendment of Polyamide opposite Osmosis Membranes with Hydrophilic Dendritic Polymers; ABHIJIT SARKAR, PETER I. CARVER, TRACY ZHANG, ADRIAN MERRINGTON, KENETH J. BRUZA, JOSEPH L. ROUSSEAU, STEVEN E. KEINATH, PETAR R. DVORNIC; thirteen. excessive Throughput Screening to switch floor homes and acquire excessive functionality Membranes; MINGYAN ZHOU, JAMES E. KILDUFF, GEORGES BELFORT; 14. TiO2 Nanowire Free-Standing Membrane for Concurrent Filtration and Photocatalytic Oxidation Water remedy; XIWANG ZHANG, ALAN JIANHONG DU, JIAHONG PAN, YINJIE WANG, DARREN DELAI sunlight; INDEXES; writer INDEX; topic INDEX

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Ch003 27 containing fluids is therefore a major challenge in areas as environmental pollution. Cryotropic gelation (cryogelation) is an advanced technique that permits formation of macroporous polymeric materials (known as cryogels) with controlled porosities. Cryogels (from the Greek κριoσ (kryos) meaning frost or ice) are synthesized in semi-frozen aqueous media where ice crystals act as porogen and form continuous interconnected pores after melting. One of the most attractive features of cryogels is their macroporosity, sufficient enough for processing complex fluids containing suspended particles (with average sizes up to 10 µm) (11, 12).

Combination of both advanced techniques (molecular imprinting and cryogelation) allowed for the preparation of new type of macroporous highly selective materials which can be considered as a new generation of macroporous adsorbents . By embedding the MIP particles into a cryogel network, the composite cryogel monolithic cartridges with high selectivity for capturing the target contaminants (templates) can be prepared. One of the important features of these cartridges is the possibility for processing large volumes of water without sacrificing high efficiency on removal of the target molecule (template) from water (as was shown for the selective removal of β-Estradiol by MIP/cryogel cartridge (5)).

When applying one litre of E2 or atrazine solutions (1 mg L-1) at a flow rate of 15 mL L-1 (HRT = 8 min) for at least 6 h of recycling, neither E2 nor atrazine were adsorbed onto the empty plastic Kaldnes carriers (Figure 12). However, under the same conditions, 50% of the E2 and 19% of the atrazine had adsorbed onto the plain PVA-based MGP (Figure 5). This observation can be explained by the different physical and chemical properties of E2 and atrazine (13). All the E2 (100%) was bound by the column containing the E2-MIP/MGP after 6 hours of recycling the same aqueous solution spiked with E2 (Figure 12).

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