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By Fabrizio Storti, Robert E. Holdsworth, Francesco Salvini, Geological Society of London

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ISBN-13: 9781862391321

Intraplate strike-slip deformation belts are universal tectonic good points, relatively at convergent plate barriers, the place they're produced by means of either indirect convergence and continental indentation. those lithosphere-scale buildings, which additionally ensue in different geodynamic environments resembling passive margins, are characterised by means of advanced structural architectures, through the incidence of huge earthquakes, and through the quick uplift and/or subsidence of localized crustal sectors. Intraplate strike-slip belts may also keep an eye on the ascent and emplacement of deeply-sourced magmas. at times, intraplate strike-slip belts hyperlink with oceanic fracture zones and remodel faults, moving rework shear from the ridges to the internal of the plates. This facts has an incredible impression of the classical notion of remodel faulting. This quantity includes thirteen papers from a global box of participants. stories of intraplate strike-slip deformation belts from Africa, Antarctica, Eurasia, North the USA and South the USA are incorporated. additionally on hand: Deformation of the Continental Crust: The Legacy of Mike Coward - precise booklet no 272 - ISBN 1862392153 Tectonic improvement of the japanese Mediterranean sector: unique book no 260 - ISBN 186239198X The Geological Society of LondonFounded in 1807, the Geological Society of London is the oldest geological society on this planet, and one of many greatest publishers within the Earth sciences.The Society publishes a variety of top of the range peer-reviewed titles for lecturers and pros operating within the geosciences, and enjoys an enviable foreign popularity for the standard of its work.The many parts during which we post in include:-Petroleum geology-Tectonics, structural geology and geodynamics-Stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology-Volcanology, magmatic stories and geochemistry-Remote sensing-History of geology-Regional geology courses

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