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Occult Paranormal

By William Gray

ISBN-10: 087542273X

ISBN-13: 9780875422732

Learn the way you could deal constructively with the forces of darkness via a step by step strategy to convert detrimental energies into confident non secular mild. This e-book comprises an up to date, sensible model of the medieval ritual of Abra-Melin.

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In altered aspects it could seem like most of our modern amenities of an artificial nature. What it cannot do is counterfeit the finer faces of Nature herself: the splendors of Summer, the wonders of the Seasons, the beauties of flowers, 20 / Between Good and Evil or any of the many miracles we associate with normal Creation. Hell can easily present almost any man-made ambience, such as splendid restaurants, magnificent theaters, incredible factories, offices and workshops, ateliers of all descriptions.

It is true that official exorcisms did exist, but those were very rare and more or less of a private nature. Baptism was originally intended as an exorcisory rite, but it was a "one-off" and meant to last a lifetime. When were there ever regular services focused on the "Forces of Darkness," with the specific function of converting their Evil influences into useful energies that would serve the best interests of a hopeful humanity? Perhaps it was hoped that God alone would accomplish this in the fullness of his good time, yet why are there no records of official Christianity at least attempting The Serpentine Start / 45 to assist such a transcendental transmutation with every conceivable effort of their will and imagination?

There should be a terrifying beauty and danger combined, and the overall impression should convey a complete absence of emotion coupled with a warning of destruction to whoever tries to handle it without adequate protection. Most people these days are familiar with the dangers from radiation and the warning sign that indicates its presence or likelihood. They know that if they are exposed to a calculable intensity of this hazard they will be liable to develop cancer of a fatal kind. Few would willingly undergo such a risk.

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