C. W. Leadbeater's Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena PDF

Occult Paranormal

By C. W. Leadbeater

ISBN-10: 1564596745

ISBN-13: 9781564596741

Partial Contents: surroundings: seven subdivisions, levels of materiality, features of astral imaginative and prescient, the air of mystery, etheric double, files of astral gentle; population: human, the adept or chela, psychically constructed individual, black magician, the lifeless, usual individual after dying, the shell, the suicide, sufferer of unexpected dying, black magician after dying; Nature Spirits; Elementals shaped consciously; Phenomena: churchyard ghosts; apparitions of the loss of life, haunted localities, bell ringing, fairies, speaking entities, clairvoyance, precipitation of letters, transmutation, repercussion.

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Some of these classes rank considerably below humanity, some are our equals, and others again rise far above us in goodness and power. Some belong to our 64 scheme of evolution—that is to say, they either have been or will be men like ourselves; others are evolving on entirely distinct lines of their own. Before proceeding to consider them it is necessary, in order to avoid the charge of incompleteness, to mention that in this branch of the subject two reservations have been made. First, no reference is made to the occasional appearances of very high Adepts from other planets of the solar system and of even more august Visitors from a still greater distance, since such matters cannot fitly be described in an essay for general reading and besides it is practically inconceivable, though of course theoretically possible, that such glorified Beings should ever need to manifest themselves on a plane so low as the astral.

As his knowledge increases he becomes more and more certain that in one way or another the utmost use is being made of every possibility of evolution, and that wherever it seems to us that in nature force is being wasted or opportunity neglected, it is not the scheme of the universe that is in fault, but our ignorance of its method and intention. For the purposes of our present consideration of the non-human inhabitants of the astral plane it will be best to leave altogether out of consideration those very early forms of the universal life which are evolving in a manner of which we can have little comprehension, through the successive encasement of atoms, molecules, and cells; for if we commence at the lowest of what are usually called the elemental kingdoms, we shall even then have to group together under this general heading an enormous number of inhabitants of the astral plane upon whom it will be possible to touch only very slightly, as anything like a detailed account of them would swell this manual to the dimensions of an encyclopaedia.

By taking this course he no doubt sacrifices centuries of intense bliss, but on the other hand he gains the enormous advantage of being able to continue his life of work and progress without a break. When a pupil who has decided to do this dies, he simply steps out of his body, as he has often done before, and waits upon the astral plane until a suitable reincarnation can be arranged for him by his Master. This being a marked departure from the usual course of procedure, the permission of a very high authority has to be obtained before the attempt can be made; yet, even when this is granted, so strong is the force of natural law, that it is said the pupil must be careful to confine himself strictly to the astral level while the matter is being arranged, lest if he once, even for a moment, touched the devachanic plane, he might be swept as by an irresistible current into the line of normal evolution again.

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