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He was much more vulnerable to them than the local inhabitants. 38 Along with many special prerogatives (notably their own courts of law), the mamluks were distinguished from the rest of the popUlation by being forbidden divorce. Still more astonishing, their wives received fixed salaries of their own from the state, just as did the warriors themselves. These two customs greatly enhanced the autonomy of women among the mainliiks (Ayalon 1968), although they may, perhaps, also have discouraged some women from marrying.

As for the hijras south of the Himalayas (see pp. 306-11 below), the reputation for kidnappingĀ· unwilling youths is probably exaggerated. 64 64. " He did not specify who (let alone how many) his sources are, in reporting, "My own sources, who would not deny that homosexual activity existed, not only among the Ldab [dob but among other monks as well, stated that they were unaware of the abduction scenarios described 'by Goldstein and his informants" The Reproduction of Warriors 65 Homosexual relations of the Ldab ldob are (mostly) age stratified.

The earliest certain attestation is an outraged (Christian) sermon by Isidore Glabas in 1395 (Vyronis 1956). Vryonis (1964: 150) suggested that what is known about the Seljuk slave institution in preOttoman Anatolia indicates "(a) That the Ottoman system was directly inspired by that of the Seljuks of Rum. " 47. Menage (1960) discusses the difficulties of dating the origins, end, and ages of those subject to devshirme. The Reproduction of Warriors 53 chased slaves and prisoners of war~ By a kind of test which in its shrewdness seems curiously to anticipate the modern intelligence test, and by an examination of physical points similar to those applied at a horse, dog, or cattle show, the youths were separated into two classes.

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